Swaziland Optionals

1. Nyonyane

Nyonyane Mountain has an exposed granite peak known as the "Rock of Execution". Nyonyane is where ancient San people once lived and where Swazi royal graves are situated. The mountain has historical significance and all visitors will be delighted by the mountaineering opportunities. The climb will definitely be worth your while because the view will make you dizzy with its natural beauty and impressive height!

2. Horse Riding 

The Kingdom of Swaziland’s Big Game Parks brings you an exciting mixture of wildlife, adventure and culture whilst comfortably snuggled in your saddle. A fascinating combination of experience, habitats and scenery is what makes these trails so remarkable. Join us and let us take you where eagles fly!

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Mlilwane is a popular activity. Mountain bikes can be hired on an hourly basis accompanied by a Swazi field guide. Guests with private bikes may cycle without a guide, sticking strictly to the trails and roads (at no additional fee).

Mlilwane's mountain biking can be a gentle hourly ride along the plains, or a 3-4 hour mountain bike trail taking you into some of the most beautiful mountains of Swaziland.

4. Cultural Tour: Umphakatsi Chief’s Homestead Visit

The Umphakatsi Chief’s Homestead visit is a hands-on interactive experience of the neighbouring local lady chief, Inkhosikati, in her homestead – a very real glimpse of Swaziland’s culture that will leave you with a newfound respect and basic understanding of the Swazi way of life.

Your guide, who will hand the ladies in your party traditional Swazi cloths (Emahiya) to wrap around their waists, greets you at the main gate, from where the homestead is a short drive and little further walk.

Before entering the Inkhosikati’s homestead (Liguma), you are requested to remove your shoes. On entry, the Inkhosikati and the village children, often wearing traditional clothing, will warmly welcome you. The standard Swazi greeting to the Inkhosikati is “Yebo Nkosi”.

The Inkhosikati has a vibrant, energetic and infectious mannerism and talks you through how the huts and traditional items are made and teaches you the Siswati words for them. The Inkhosikati encourages interaction; so ladies, try your hand at grinding maize and plaiting mountain grass.

Gents, join the children in Swazi song and dance. An offering of a taste of local food and sometimes brew is made, but forget about your cutlery and try it the Swazi way… with your hands! This experience is both informative and memorable – a taste of true Swazi hospitality – and should not be missed!