Swakopmund Optionals

1. Quad Bike Tour

Quad biking is the best way to experience the pristine beauty of the Namib desert. There are both slow and fast groups and we thus cater for both the adrenalin seeker and the site seer. The exciting excursion starts at the Swakopmund River bed and winds through the smaller dunes en route to the historical horse graveyard.

The fun starts here when you pass through a dune belt. You would not want to miss the awesome photo opportunities. Enjoy complimentary refreshments afterwards, while perched on a sand dune overlooking the beautiful surroundings. Become an "explorer" and meet the insects and animals of the desert. Our "explorers" are equipped with fully automatic quad bikes for which you need no prior experience. The tour ends with a scenic drive from the eastern dune field to the west.

2. Sand Boarding

The Namib Desert is reputed to house some of the largest sand dunes on this planet. 
Come conquer these constantly shifting and powerfully towering beauties by zooming down the sheer slip faces on a traditional Swakopmund sandboard. Another option is to carve up the dune with style and skill on a snowboard adapted for sand. Six different slopes to ride where speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour can be reached!

3. Skydiving

Have you ever wondered how beautiful the dunes must be from a bird’s eye view? It is definitely time to find out! Book a tandem or static line fall and experience the rush! This activity is not for the faint hearted but you are guaranteed to never regret the jump!

4. Camel Rides

The camel rides will give a taster of what it must feel like to travel through the desert on these hump-back creatures

Other activities to consider:
• Dolphin Cruises
• Horse Riding
• Paragliding
• Ballooning
• Fishing
• Scenic Flights
• Township Tours