Haga Haga- Port Elizabeth & -Greater Addo Optionals

1. Open-vehicle Game Drives

Game drives take approximately two hours and are conducted by knowledgeable, qualified guides in open-top landrovers or trucks.


2. Elephant Back Safaris

Appreciate nature from an elephant's perspective. Walking besides these gentle giants will allow you to observe the elephant's habits in their natural surroundings. This safari experience is about learning and becoming familiar with one of Africa's most stately, intelligent mammals - the African Elephant.

It is an adventure of relaxed interaction with the elephants, enjoying the beauty of the area and of getting acquainted with these gentle giants in a meaningful way. Standing between them, surrounded by them, being touched by them, scented by them, being nudged and gently pushed at by them, feeling their curiosity and their trust, is to feel a oneness at an emotional and visceral level which is immensely elevating and yet, somehow, disquieting.

There is a sense of reaching back, in some strange way to common origins and a shared heritage. You will take away memories that will stay with you forever.