Cape Peninsula Optionals

1. Boulder’s Penguin Colony

A visit to the Boulder’s Penguin Colony could be undertaken close-by to Simon’s Town (entrance fees for your own account). The African Penguins here are remarkably untroubled by people and this is one of the only places in the world where one can actually swim amongst the penguins.

This day will not be complete without a visit to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Sir Francis Drake called it “the fairest cape in the whole circumference of the earth”. Ironically, many vessels, wrecked by the turbulent seas, have however found their last resting-place along this rocky coastline. The 7 675 hectare nature reserve (situated at the southern tip of the peninsula) is filled with priceless indigenous fauna and flora, among that 2 700 species of indigenous plants and over 250 species of birds as well as troops of baboons and many species of antelope. Conservation fees to this reserve at the most “southwesterly” point of Africa are included; all other entrance fees are for your own account.